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Matthew Theodhos
collage artist
@ Study for Examinations

Morning in the Garden of the 7 abiguities

A Firmly Hyphinated Identity
A Fragment of Madness
All of the Struggles Beneath Your Disguise

Already and Always

And Symbolism Bores Him
Badly Drawn Boy
Band Member
The Big Big City
Bird of Paradise
Outside the Door
Brothers of the Wandering Star
By the Sea
Caught Up in the Momentum
Citizen Zebra
City Scene
The Amazing Laws of Cosmic Power

A Crazy Mans' Utopia

Daughter of the Maghreb
A Demon or a God?
Disciple of the Backwards Alphabet
The Walls are Black, the Roof is Red
After Having Mastered the Skill of Refining Elixer Pills
Facing in the Opposite Direction
Figures in Space
The Forgotten Son of Bygone Days
From a Distance
From the Ground Up
Hell Doesn't Know My Fury
Geisha @ Play
Give Up the Greed You Don't Have to Need Me
I Didn't Know That the World Was Flat
In the Loop
Inside his Head
It Was Mine First
Keep it Down for a Truth You Might Tell
Keeper of The Constellations
Little Portugal
I've Lost the Grip Upon My Form

Love, Love, Love

Maltese Days, Burmese Nights
Member of The Revolution
Metaphorical Wilderness
Modern Icon
Mountain Folk
Mountain Hermit
The Moving Sidewalk was Bound to End Sooner or Later
Near a Punic Market
On a Winters Day
On Campaign
Patron Saint of the Sandbox
Plain Clothes
Portrait of the Mann
Postcard Shot
Roman Head
Scholarly Figure
Some of the Things I've Seen have Turned Out to be a Real Surprise
Soundproofed to Thwart Eavesdropping
The Asylum of our Collective Madness
Drink [from the Cup] of Reasons that Hold You Alive
The Newest Member of the Nucular Family
The Day is Done
The Sorcerer Blackblade
The Troops
Those Who Dwell in My Back Alley
Urban Dweller

walking through ruins

Visions of a Later Day
Walk Don't Walk
When I Was Young
Where For Art Thou
Wild Life
Without Giving Anything Away
Words Tend to be Inadequite
In Solitary Reflection
Lost in Search of Other Worlds
Along the wall
Daddy was Afraid He was Something


Of No Country


Xodarapa, the Keeper of Prisms
Give and Take
Empty Dream
Escape is
Never the
Safest Plan
Are You
Being Served
Within the

On the Other Sdie

For As Far As the Eye Can See
A Curious Case of Divergent Perspectives
Bantu Trader
Along the Line
Just Go Away